Home Theater Installation

Welcome to Kingdom Brothers AV, your home theater installation experts in DFW metroplex and surrounding areas!.

Whatever your dream about or envision, we can create the perfect design for you! Our comprehensive and integrated electronic products will change your television viewing, movie-watching, and music listening experiences.


A traditional home theater system consists of a television, video sources, receiver, speakers, and proper seating arrangements. Regardless of your style and whether you need one television or a full video wall, we can create the right design and the right mood for you. The result will be an unmatched audio and visual experience from top of the line audio, video, and home electronics technology.

Important factors in home theater design

Our designers are experts who will take the following factors into account when designing your home theater.

  • The best visual and audio experience for your environment(s)
  • Screen size that suits the size of the room
  • Line of sight for everyone in the room: no one has to look around another person’s head in order to see the TV or screen
  • Widescreen experience: 80% of the blockbuster movies are shot in an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 2:35 and you too can have that widescreen experience
  • Acoustics and soundproofing: we place speakers, particularly the center channel, strategically for audio optimization
  • Subwoofer placement: strategic placement of the optimal number of subwoofers based on the size of the room
  • Surround speakers: arranging surround speakers in calculated positions for optimum sound