So you just purchased your  NEW 4K! Hashitashi 3000XYZB1-A  (MARTIN) and want to free up some floor space by getting it Mounted with No wires showing! we can relocate local equipment allowing the new Display to be the center of attention for ALL in the room weather watching ; Discovery Channel, HGTV, a Family Vacation slideshow, ART (in standby mode)  or THE BIG GAME!!  No Problem we get that this is very important. .While Screen Size is important in a  room it’s not the only factor.  Our Installation experts understand all the major aspects of this task such as; structural support – height -distance- viewing angle – glare etc  that makes each Mounting a successful  one. When we are done you are sure to say Wow that’s Perfect!!

Residential Video Walls

If you are planning to jazz up your Game Room, or you just want to raise the bar in your Man Cave area, we have the perfect solution for you. Consider installing a Multi Display TV wall for a stunning entertainment suite,

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